Process Audit

A process audit reviews the manufacturing processes and procedures required to produce a finished product. With the output being the sum of the inputs, it becomes feasible to review each sequence in a production line for process capability and control. Each machine is a process applicator. The tendency is to focus on the equipment rather than the process. Without process knowledge, machine control is not possible. One cannot control what one can't measure.

Many of the procedures that were previously performed in-house such as solderability testing of incoming goods have been relegated back to the supplier. At the same time, cost cutting has deemed the same goods be provided at ever reduced prices.

Suppliers, many times, cut corners to meet these diminished revenue streams. The results manifest themselves with variations in production yields, increased defect rates and questionable reliability of the finished product. Couple the above with off shore manufacturing where a series of brokers and middle men are involved in the transaction. It then becomes very difficult if not impossible to ascertain where the root cause of manufacturing problems originate.

CharTrain's 25 plus years of manufacturing and design experience, assures you that our audits know where to look and what questions to ask. A comprehensive report is supported with photos, and documentation from industry standards. This replaces opinions with quantifiable results. An independent process audit becomes the eyes and ears of the manufacturing site. When exceptions become the norm, out of control processes and procedures are overlooked. Poor practices are handed down and quality takes a back seat to getting it out the door. Our process audits combined with yield optimization have rendered defect free production directly after the report implementation .Call for an assessment of your process audit needs.

Examples would include the retrofit of spray fluxers in the wave soldering process, upgrading from infra red heaters to forced convection blowers, inert soldering both in the wave and reflow processes.

CharTrain Consulting can aid in your assessment of a retrofit or upgrade by conducting trials before equipment is purchased or modified. Processes can sometimes be fine tuned off site before the upgrade is implemented thereby saving valuable production downtime.

Base lining existing processes is especially important in the transition to lead free processing where higher thermal requirements are demanded. An existing process that has been tweaked many times will practically always fail when converted to a lead free process.

CharTrain can assist by providing the tools and process knowledge required. Courses are customized to meet the requirements of production, process and maintenance personnel. Class room theory is always followed by hands-on implementation on the assembly line. We are flexible to work around your production requirements and can work off hours and weekends.